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Hanz Lehrke

Hanz Lehrke

Coaching Staff / 2016-2017

Team: Boys Varsity Soccer
Position: Head Coach

Head Coach – Hanz Lehrke

I am married to Heidi and we have 2 dogs, a 2 yr old Bull Terrior named Bosco at 50 pounds and a 1 yr old English Mastiff named Loki at about 160 pounds.  I have had various jobs in my past to include the US Army and with the Dept. of Corrections (which is where Heidi and I met).  I am now retired from the Army with about 29 yrs, 9 mo, and 13 days, but who’s counting.

02-LambeauFieldTo fill my days (and when the Packers aren’t playing football) I work on our house in Chisago, teach scuba diving, and build models of wooden sailing ships.

Fun fact: y’all know an NFL owner now!!!!  Go Pack Go

There are many objectives a coach tries to accomplish with student-athletes, some of them are fostering and growing their love for soccer, helping them learn to reason, make choices, and understand the impact of their decisions on others.  At the varsity level it is important to win but, I do not believe in winning at all costs and hurting the student-athletes ‘s growth.  I create a safe environment where they can improve, are not afraid to make mistakes, are challenged, respected, and treated fairly.  Training is match oriented and I encourage the student-athletes to push their limits and look at mistakes as learning opportunities.  Athletes at all levels watch their coach and how they handle adversity, success, the team, themselves, and others.  Understanding this,  I ensure I am a positive role model through my personal values, words, and actions.  I use situations that occur on the soccer field to help the student-athletes recognize, learn, and gain maturity, problem solving, and accountability.

I have coached soccer players from about 8 yrs old through college, both boys and girls.  Looking back I have many years of coaching with 16 years alone as a high school head coach.  I have played all positions and coached at many levels providing me a wealth of experience which I incorporate into my coaching.

The best way to reach me is or my cell phone  text or voice.

I apologize for the various fonts, I tried to cut and paste from Word and this is what I got no matter what I tried!!!!!!

I look forward to a great first season with Husky soccer and I’m sure we’ll have a blast.