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A core function of our schools is to provide growth opportunities and an education for a lifetime.  This culture of learning extends beyond our targeted learners – the students – and includes our faculty and staff.  The athletics and activities staff recently met part as part of a staff development day to continue its efforts to model a growth mindset and lead with purpose.

As part of its day, the athletics and activities staff discussed InSideOut Coaching and the three realities of a great team, including what steps we can take to help us become a great team.  Joe Ehrmann’s three realities of a great team are: 1. We belong to each other, 2. We need each other, 3. We affect each other.

The activities staff also dug deep into this year’s book discussion topic, Start With Why by Simon Sinek.  Coaches and advisors reflected on questions such as “Do you agree with the author’s statement that “People don’t buy WHAT you do, they buy WHY you do it?” and “What is your why, how, and what?  Explain the importance of starting with why for our programs.”

As a staff, we strive to make a positive difference and promote growth in the lives of the youth we serve.  The journey toward this end begins with our own personal growth.