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Huskies News · Thank a Ref!

At the 2017 Homecoming football game, the Huskies football captains presented the officials with a special thank you for their service to Minnesota’s high school sports.

More than 6,000 officials serve Minnesota’s high schools by doing their best to ensure all contests are fair, safe and fun. Without officials, we do not have games. It is just recess.

Varsity-level officials are required to register with the MSHSL, complete annual online rules meetings and attend training clinics on a regular basis. In addition, they spend countless hours in preparation and traveling to contests.

High school officiating is an avocation, not a vocation, something done in addition to full-time employment. Officials work for the enjoyment of staying involved with the sports that they love and the opportunity to give back.

Officials are crucial in providing our student participants an opportunity to learn life lessons through education based athletics. Enforcing the rules of the game fairly and consistently, and holding students and coaches to behavior expectations are vitally important to successful high school events.

We ask that all fans attending our events are especially appreciative of our officials and the great job they do in serving our programs. More officials are needed in all sports and at all levels. For more information on how to become an offical, click here.