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Huskies News · RoboHuskie is Going to Nationals!

RoboHuskie had an awesome weekend at the FIRST North Star Regional at Mariucci Arena.  The team’s robot was running great, our driver, Adam Beltowsky, was a beast, and our builders, Anders Dahl and Annie Doolan, had very little to do to keep the robot running.  Conner Campbell had the programming spot-on, and Gaby Arias is the most dedicated mascot we have ever had.  Gaby may have spent 20 hours in mascot suit!  The rest of the team got to test drive the new scouting system on Amazon Fire tablets – what an improvement over paper!  Of the eight qualification matches, the team had four wins, one tie, and three losses.  The RoboHuskie robot was able to score a gear in autonomous mode, collect four more gears, and hang.  The SAVHS RoboHuskies looked good, and other groups noticed our team.

The team finished qualification matched in 24th place out of 60 robots.  The top eight teams get to pick two more teams to join their alliance.  We were picked by the sixth place alliance.  It worked out great for us.  Our alliance won two-out-of-three matches in the quarter finals.  The team also won two out of three matches in the semi finals and were then matched against the first place alliance for the finals.  Unfortunately, the team lost the two matches in the finals.  The final result was taking second place, and out of 60 teams, this is a very impressive accomplishment.  The only problem is second place doesn’t get you to Nationals – unless you get a Wild Card!  Two members of the winning alliance had already won their way to Nationals, so they generated two Wild Cards, and the Regional generated a single Wild Card for a total of three. That meant all three members of our alliance would receive a Wild Card into Nationals.

The team is now St. Louis bound April 25-30.  The year has been a lot of fun and the team is having a blast working together.  There will be 360 teams competing in St. Louis on six different fields, with the winners from each field going on to the Einstein Field for the National Finals.  Cross your fingers the team makes it to the end!​

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